ALH 0010 Introduction to Phlebotomy

Spring 2021

Hours: 80 (43 lecture, 37 laboratory)
Description: Introduction to the principles of Phlebotomy. Emphasis on phlebotomy techniques, infection control, safety, specimen collection and handling, medical and legal considerations, patient care and preparation and performance in venipunctures, capillary punctures, and basic laboratory tests expected of the entry level phlebotomy position (CPT 1). Upon successful completion of ALH 10 and ALH 11, students will be eligible to sit for the phlebotomy exam to become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician I (CPT 1) with the state of California. (letter grade only) (CSU)

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
Employ basic infection control, universal precautions and safety techniques, and dispose of sharps, needles and waste using the appropriate disposal techniques.
Apply principles of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology of the circulatory system in the practice of phlebotomy.
Perform venipuncture procedures safely and professionally on patients of a variety of ages and health conditions within the scope of practice of a phlebotomist.
Perform proper identification of patient and specimens, and explain the importance of accuracy in overall patient care.
Perform proper site selection and preparation of skin.
Identify and utilize blood collection equipment, types of tubes and additives, draw in proper order of draw when additives are required and identify special precautions.
Perform proper post-puncture care.

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Course Corequisites: NONE

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  • Title: ALH 0010 Introduction to Phlebotomy
  • CRN: 48386
  • Credit Hours: 3
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  • Instructor: Toni Verducci
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  • Instructor: Alicia Miranda
  • Instructor: Jaynie Wall
  • Instructor: Toni Verducci
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  • Section Corequisites: NONE
  • Bldg/Room: D 012 -- Rocklin Campus
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    Lab also meets in RN3-304. ALH 10 and 11 are part of a learning community. Students must sign up for ALH 10 and 11 at the same time.

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